Advantages of Hiring a Cleaning Partner for Your Home


Residential buildings such as independent homes, villas, condominiums and apartments have become more aesthetic over the years, compared to those of a few decades ago. However, as architects experiment with different materials for the façade, walls, masonry and finish, modern-day homes are becoming more complex, architecturally.

Today, a single building may sport a variety of materials: agglomerates; clay bricks; concrete blocks, slabs and tiles; Mexican tiles; glass or mosaic tiles; granite; marble; sandstone or limestone surfaces; metal tiles; ceramic tiles; grouting and mortar – all of them in the interiors or exteriors, to achieve the desired look and finish.

As interior and exterior surfaces become more complex, so does their cleaning. Home exteriors are vulnerable to sunshine, snow, rain and wind which cause the growth of moss, fungus or mildew. Further, veneer surfaces are made of chemical compounds which degrade with time and leech on to the exteriors, causing ugly stains.

Risks of DIY (Do-it-yourself) cleaning

Of late, do-it-yourself cleaning enthusiasts are in the habit of stocking up on a wide variety of chemical reagents, and purchasing cleaning equipment available in the market, to clean their homes. While this may look like a nice thing, in reality, it can be very harmful to the safety and aesthetics of your home, as well as the health of your family members and of your own. To name two major risks:

  1. such equipment uses high pressure, hot water, and special techniques to achieve the desired cleaning; not following the instructions can damage the surface being cleaned, or cause injuries to you and your family;
  2. some of these chemical reagents do not come with any certification or a detailed product label that lists out the ingredients; as a result, you could be exposing yourself or your family members to highly toxic chemicals which can cause allergies, irritation, headaches, stomach cramps, etc; prolonged exposure can even cause endocrine disruption, cancer and a compromised immune system.

Why a cleaning partner is a better option

In contrast, cleaning companies which are established in the business have the right skills, knowledge and expertise to undertake a thorough cleaning of the exterior or interior surfaces your home in a cost-effective manner. The following are the obvious advantages:

  • Specialists: ‘Cleaning Solutions & Technology’ is a science in itself. A cleaning solutions company stays abreast of latest developments in the field, the benefit of which is passed on to customers.
  • Trained and certified staff: Some of the top cleaning companies have in-house training departments where technicians are trained on correct cleaning techniques, including the right pressure or heat ratings to be used in the equipment. This reduces the risk of damage to your home or injury to you and your family.
  • Top-quality equipment: Cleaning companies invest in technically-advanced equipment available in the market, with some of them designing their own indigenous equipment too. This ensures a very effective cleaning of your home, eliminating the need for a repeat or repair exercise.
  • Research and Development: Some of the top-notch commercial cleaning companies in the US maintain their own R&D labs where the cleaning processes used for different surfaces are tweaked or enhanced from time to time. This reduces the time taken to clean your home and gives you the best value for money.
  • Sustainable and Energy-efficient: Like other industries of the world, the cleaning business is also sensitive to the use of more eco-friendly technologies and processes. These help reduce the carbon footprint and minimize the use of toxic chemicals which leach into the air or ground water.

As is evident, cleaning the exteriors of your home can be a complex task, which is best left to cleaning companies who are specialists in the business. These companies can clean your home in the shortest, most cost-effective and efficient ways, which reduces the hassle and makes the maintenance of your home seem like a breeze.

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