Keeping your Vinyl Siding Look New

There is nothing like relaxing on your porch on a beautiful summer day, taking in the beauty of your home and its surroundings. Then your eyes wander briefly on the vinyl siding of your home, and you feel something is wrong. What was pristine last month now looks dirty and unsightly. Vinyl siding is indeed[…]

Dumpster Area Cleaning and Management

Dumpsters are not objects that we like to spend time thinking about. However, they are an integral part of all clinics, hotels, restaurants, offices and commercial and industrial establishments. They are where everything that is used, abused, unwanted and dirty is deposited. This makes them a source of great attraction for rodents, flies, cockroaches and[…]

Keeping your Auto Dealership Clean and Classy

Automobile Dealerships are an important component of the auto industry in the US. According to National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA), 16,680 dealerships and their franchisees sold 8.64 million LDVs (light duty vehicles) in the first half of 2016. Sales of new vehicles hit a whopping $490 million despite recessionary caution. These dealerships employ as many[…]

Roof Cleaning for Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings such as warehouses and production plants are hubs of human activity. Maintenance staff, technicians, vendors and third-party agencies frequent these buildings all the time, in addition to the regular transportation of raw materials and finished goods in and out. While maintaining clean premises is important for public image, certain areas of the building[…]

Cleaning Fuel and Service Stations

Gas and Service stations are intensely competitive business. Zone pricing, location of the station, market segmentation, constant fluctuation of global crude oil prices, and certain other factors imply that each station can have its own price for the day. This and the fact that new-age mobile apps help consumers locate the cheapest gas in the[…]

Pressure Washing: Best Option for Graffiti Cleaning

Occurrence of graffiti in public places is generally dismissed as a minor issue, and not taken too seriously. Yet, it is indeed a bothersome public nuisance involving a high cost of cleaning at the expense of the taxpayer. According to the Centre for Problem-Oriented Policing, an estimated $12 billion a year is spent by the[…]