Cleaning your Parking Facilities and Garages

Clean premises, among others, are an important aspect of business that commercial enterprises must seriously strive to keep; it helps boost the image of the business, lead to more traffic, and generate better revenue. While front offices, board rooms and working spaces are kept impeccably clean, it’s other areas such as parking facilities, garages, warehouses[…]

Do-it-yourself Cleaning: Boon or Bane?

One of the most important aspects of Facility Management & Maintenance is Cleaning Services. Traditionally, teams of janitors have handled this area of operation. However, in the last decade or so, commercial establishments like supermarkets, colleges, schools, hospitals, clinics, day-care centers, hotels, restaurants, offices, malls, etc., routinely face situations, where existing equipment or cleaning staff[…]

Warehouse Cleaning: How it can Help Boost your Business

Warehouses are integral parts of several businesses. Manufacturing and distribution companies routinely stock raw materials and finished goods before dispatching them for production or sale. Retail companies routinely stock a larger quantity of merchandize in their warehouses compared to what is displayed on their showroom shelves. In addition to safety and health concerns of employees,[…]

How Pressure Washing can be of Use to Your Restaurant

A restaurant is an operation-intensive business, with modest margins that is dependent on various parameters. Factors such as quality and variety of food, pricing, ambience, trained staff, location and other operational expenditures are a constant drain on the profits. An often overlooked factor that can affect a restaurant’s image is its cleanliness record. Health risks[…]

Pressure Washing for Shopping Centers

Malls, shopping complexes and shopping plazas are some of the most frequented public destinations, even ahead of parks or cinemas. Families combine shopping with an evening of fun and pleasure trip, turning shopping plazas into great three-in-one destination locations for spending time. The splendor, fun and charm of a shopping plaza visit go with potential[…]

Getting Rid Your Building Surfaces of Moss, Mildew and Fungus

Mold, moss, mildew or funguses are naturally growing micro-organisms which multiply in large numbers within a short period of time. They appear in their characteristic blue, green or black colors. Mushrooms, algae and lichens are various forms of the same micro-organism, and their presence or growth depends on the extent of water available in the[…]

Warehouse Cleaning Facts for Your Benefit

Warehouses are an indispensable component of the retail or manufacturing industry. By inventorying goods a warehouse keeps the company immune from real-time and real-life issues that come up during manufacture or distribution. Given the volume of human, vehicular and goods traffic, warehouses are prone to collect dirt, dust, bacteria, soot, tire tracks and stains. Accordingly,[…]

Advantages of Hiring a Cleaning Partner for Your Home

Residential buildings such as independent homes, villas, condominiums and apartments have become more aesthetic over the years, compared to those of a few decades ago. However, as architects experiment with different materials for the façade, walls, masonry and finish, modern-day homes are becoming more complex, architecturally. Today, a single building may sport a variety of[…]

Power Washing for Your Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is one of the most durable and aesthetic construction materials used in modern times. Concrete can be used for both interiors and exteriors to give character to your home, office, retail or industrial structure. Today, concrete is available in colors, patterns and textures which are created using dyes, stampings or moulds. Concrete can be[…]