Preparing Surfaces for Painting

All categories of buildings – residential, commercial, retail, government, or industrial requires repainting from time to time. While external surfaces that are exposed to the element must be repainted often, interiors that are maintained well can be repainted once in a while. Both interior and exterior surfaces that must be repainted require thorough cleaning and[…]

Pressure Cleaning for Different Surfaces

Cleaning companies use different pressure cleaning techniques for quicker and effective cleaning. This is especially required if the surface to be cleaned is hard to reach, or the dirt is stubborn and requires intense effort. Pressure cleaning gives cleaning companies scalability, efficiency and effectiveness in their work. Common pressure washers spray jets of water or[…]

Challenges in Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Heavy Equipment has been one of the game changers of 20th century business. In industries such as Construction, Shipping, Railways, Manufacturing, Logistics and Petrochemicals, they have simplified and automated various manual tasks. They have taken over dangerous and difficult tasks from workers and made workplaces safe. Finally, by handling larger quantities of raw material and[…]