Benefits of a Commercial Pressure Cleaning Maintenance Program

When it comes to cleaning exterior surfaces, typically the longer you allow the dirt to accumulate, the more difficult it is to remove. Basically if it took years to get there, it is often more difficult to restore closer to its original state and can typically be more costly.

A common solution to prevent this layered accumulation of dirt and pollution is to set up a regular maintenance program. Depending upon the nature of the property, maintenance program frequencies are recommended to be scheduled as often as bi-weekly to semiannually. This prevents dirt, stains, etc. from settling and bonding to the surface which can eventually compromise the surface coating or even the surface itself. Not only will this cost less in the long run, but establish a clean, professional look throughout the year.

Regardless of the condition, it’s never too late. Whether it’s been a while you have had your property pressure cleaned or not, having your property evaluated will allow the appropriate expectations to be set. This will also provide options going forward as we work together to take care of the exterior maintenance of your property.

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