Cleaning Fuel and Service Stations

Gas and Service stations are intensely competitive business. Zone pricing, location of the station, market segmentation, constant fluctuation of global crude oil prices, and certain other factors imply that each station can have its own price for the day. This and the fact that new-age mobile apps help consumers locate the cheapest gas in the[…]

Pressure Washing: Best Option for Graffiti Cleaning

Occurrence of graffiti in public places is generally dismissed as a minor issue, and not taken too seriously. Yet, it is indeed a bothersome public nuisance involving a high cost of cleaning at the expense of the taxpayer. According to the Centre for Problem-Oriented Policing, an estimated $12 billion a year is spent by the[…]

Pressure Washing for Cleaning Your Home Exteriors

The external appearance of your home is your unique signature, proclaiming to the world what you are and what kind of life you live. Peeling paint, overgrown organic growth, rusted railings, dirty patio and all such eyesores present a poor impression of the maintenance of your home; they reduce greatly its value during a sale.[…]

Pressure Washing: Why cleaning companies are a better option

Over the years, property owners enthusiastic about cleaning their homes by themselves have invested considerably in various tools and implements including pressure washers. The proliferation of such tools and the high-blitz marketing techniques of manufacturers have instilled a do-it-yourself spirit among homeowners. However, any do-it-yourself project is fraught with risks: adherents of DIY pressure washing[…]

Cleaning your Parking Facilities and Garages

Clean premises, among others, are an important aspect of business that commercial enterprises must seriously strive to keep; it helps boost the image of the business, lead to more traffic, and generate better revenue. While front offices, board rooms and working spaces are kept impeccably clean, it’s other areas such as parking facilities, garages, warehouses[…]

Do-it-yourself Cleaning: Boon or Bane?

One of the most important aspects of Facility Management & Maintenance is Cleaning Services. Traditionally, teams of janitors have handled this area of operation. However, in the last decade or so, commercial establishments like supermarkets, colleges, schools, hospitals, clinics, day-care centers, hotels, restaurants, offices, malls, etc., routinely face situations, where existing equipment or cleaning staff[…]

Warehouse Cleaning: How it can Help Boost your Business

Warehouses are integral parts of several businesses. Manufacturing and distribution companies routinely stock raw materials and finished goods before dispatching them for production or sale. Retail companies routinely stock a larger quantity of merchandize in their warehouses compared to what is displayed on their showroom shelves. In addition to safety and health concerns of employees,[…]

How Pressure Washing can be of Use to Your Restaurant

A restaurant is an operation-intensive business, with modest margins that is dependent on various parameters. Factors such as quality and variety of food, pricing, ambience, trained staff, location and other operational expenditures are a constant drain on the profits. An often overlooked factor that can affect a restaurant’s image is its cleanliness record. Health risks[…]