Cleaning Fuel and Service Stations

Gas and Service stations are intensely competitive business. Zone pricing, location of the station, market segmentation, constant fluctuation of global crude oil prices, and certain other factors imply that each station can have its own price for the day. This and the fact that new-age mobile apps help consumers locate the cheapest gas in the vicinity create competition among stations in the neighbourhood.

In the past, a fuel station hosting a convenience store was a more common sight. However, in the last decade or so, a gas station houses more commonly on its premises a grocery store or a big brand retailer. The desire to offer customers a one-stop fuel filling cum shopping experience, has added a new dimension to maintenance of the premises.

Cleanliness as a differentiator

Market Force Information, a leader in customer experience management, conducted in early 2016 an annual survey of gas station consumers. Over 10,000 consumers took the survey on both types of gas stations: traditional gas station with a convenience store, and modern gas station with a big-brand retailer/grocery store. The survey covered various aspects of customer experience from price to food to technology deployed at these outlets.

The survey reported a surprising finding: contrary to popular perception, cost was not the only criterion for consumers to visit or revisit a particular gas/service station. Among 13 different parameters that consumers voted on, cleanliness and maintenance fared at the top, with 26% consumers rating it as the most important parameter in their overall experience.

Why pressure washing for these stations?

Maintaining cleanliness at a gas or service station is a huge challenge. With motorists and staff frequenting across the premises several hours a day, these stations develop a host of maintenance issues.

Grease and oil stains, puddles of grease or oil, stains from spilled out coffee or soda, rubber shreds and marks from tires, mud from tires and mud-flaps, shopping trash and chewing gum are routine irritants at most stations. In addition to the main pad, the canopy above the pad, the driveway, the main building and sidewalks abound with these ugly things.

Common cleaning methods adopted by janitorial staff are not very effective; pressure-washing solutions offered by commercial cleaning companies are the only workable answer to cleaning issues of fuel/service stations.

These companies use for effective cleaning sophisticated and powerful pressure washers with hot and cold water modes, multiple pressure settings, a wide variety of reagents, and scooping tools and brushes. Their well-trained team can do a great job on time, and most such companies follow EPA norms on wastewater disposal.

Areas of a fuel/service station that need thorough cleaning

  • Primary areas: Concrete fuel pad, canopy underside and exteriors of retail store building
  • Equipment: Pump dispensers, canopy and lot lights, interiors of car wash bay and car wash aprons
  • Secondary areas: Front sidewalks, signage, boundary walls and parking lots

In the past, cleanliness of a fuel/service station meant only clean washrooms; today, customers are more demanding and they factor various other things into the evaluation of cleanliness. Commercial cleaning companies are the best bet as they specialize in providing the kind of appearance customers seek in a gas/service station. They are also cost-effective and help you increase consistently profits from your station.

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