Cleaning of Government Property Made Easy Now

In 2003, President Bush announced that Govt. departments, offices, facilities and institutions would outsource their cleaning from in-house operations to an outsourced model. Professional and private cleaning service providers could bid for cleaning contracts, and provide superior quality of service. While this saved the government’s precious time and money spent in hiring, training and equipping cleaning staff at hundreds of offices around the country, it also allowed their employees to benefit from specialists in the cleaning business.

This is important because government buildings and institutions are used frequently by innumerable citizens, and must be safe, hygienic and well-maintained. An outsourced agency is a better option, because with government buildings, there is little sense of ownership or pride for in-house cleaning staff to do a good job. In contrast, an external agency is proud to call the Federal Government as a client and provide top-quality services.

Hitherto, the Public Works Division was responsible for operating and maintaining public infrastructure which includes streets, sewers, subways, bridges, courthouses, city halls, county offices, transport vehicles like rail, railroad or light rail, etc. But the sheer scale of managing these operations country-wide, led to a drop in the quality of cleaning done. While the buildings appeared clean and safe from the outside, there were too many issues over time. Maintaining a dedicated or experienced team to handle new cleaning challenges was difficult. In addition to this, the need to have a 24-hour operational support plus inspection and certifying at regular intervals of time, one can imagine the costs for the Federal Govt.

Servicing the Federal Govt. can be a challenge to any cleaning company. One has to be ready to take calls anytime. Contracts are longer (one to three years) and one has to continuously provide good service although it doesn’t guarantee renewal of the contracts. The latest equipment and machinery must be used as cleaning standards are high. At the same time, the costs must be kept low so that outsourced cleaning becomes cost-effective to the Government.

The Cleaning Partners has been able to rise to this challenge. The Cleaning Partners offers a professional pressure washing solutions for government properties nationwide. Our national network of independently owned and operated franchised service providers can service any type of property. The Cleaning Partners can reclaim and reuse run-off water which complies with the EPA Clean Water Act and local regulations.

Whether it’s cleaning playground equipment, city bus stops or cleaning City Halls, The Cleaning Partners can tackle any cleaning needs with professional, certified, cleaning technicians.

Some of the government owned property that we clean:

  • Courthouses
  • DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle)
  • Schools
  • Parking garages
  • Hospitals
  • Rest stops and rest areas
  • Bus stops
  • Rail, Railroad or light rail
  • State parks
  • Municipal government buildings
  • Fleet washing
  • Post Offices
  • City sidewalks
  • Solar panel cleaning

Some of the common cleaning services offered:

  • Cleaning floors, walls and ceilings of various materials
  • Washing Windows and Doors
  • Cleaning of Restrooms, Garbage Disposal areas, dumpsters etc
  • Cleaning of Grounds, Stadiums, Parks and open air venues
  • Cleaning Common areas such as entrances, lobbies, gates, walkways, curbs etc

One of the benefits of working with The Cleaning Partners is its franchisee model which helps us reach Govt. owned property in many counties, districts or states in the US, easily. This makes us a one-stop provider for Federal Departments which have operations spread around the country. This makes us more accountable and offer high quality service, while keeping the costs low for us, as well as the Federal Govt.

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