Cleaning your Parking Facilities and Garages


Clean premises, among others, are an important aspect of business that commercial enterprises must seriously strive to keep; it helps boost the image of the business, lead to more traffic, and generate better revenue.

While front offices, board rooms and working spaces are kept impeccably clean, it’s other areas such as parking facilities, garages, warehouses and loading bays that are often neglected. And yet, they are equally important for various reasons.


Parking facilities: reasons for regular cleaning

The parking lot is one of the first areas of a facility that a customer notices, while driving in. Finding a slot is a priority: however, the overall cleanliness, hygiene, and aesthetics of a parking facility contribute unconsciously to the customer’s perception and opinion of the enterprise. There is research data available to show that customers, repelled by a dirty parking lot, can simply drive out without the desire of doing any business with the company.

If loss of revenue this way is a risk, lawsuits are a much larger risk to contend with. Parking lots frequently sport oil drops from vehicles, grime from AC vents and exhausts, water from leaky overhead pipes, and salt that is used to melt snow in winters. Customers can slip and fall on them leading to lawsuits. The grime and oil of a parking floor can stick to customers’ shoes; can possibly slip while using the brake pedal or accelerator; trigger accidents that can be fatal.

Finally, dirt and oil stuck to customers’ shoes can soil the flooring and stairs indoors, adding to cleaning costs and efforts.

Pressure washing as a cleaning solution

Pressure washing uses high pressure, hot water and eco-friendly chemical reagents; it has come to stay, for more than a decade, as a more effective method for cleaning parking facilities and garages. This is a specialized service of commercial cleaning companies that have trained staff, expertise, and experience of numerous projects. These companies are known for their best practices, and they follow all the environmental norms for treating and disposing dirty water.

They use a wide variety of state-of-the-art tools and implements to do a thorough job. Trailer-mounted pressure washing equipment covers large parking lots or those with a higher ceiling; hand-wheeled units are used for smaller or shorter parking lots. A wide range of brushes are used for hard-to-reach areas, mirrors and overhead pipes. Only biodegradable cleansers are applied to minimize environmental harm and discomfort to staff and visitors.

The ‘how’ of pressure washing for parking facilities

The specific cleaning techniques and the sequence employed can vary from one parking facility to another, depending on the size, quantum of dirt, and type of dirt; however, the following broad guidelines apply to all facilities.

To begin with, motorized power sweepers are used to remove debris, dirt and dust.  Then, hot water pressure washers are operated various pressures and temperatures varying from 190 to to 200 plus degrees to remove grime and oil.

The reagents used in the process do emulsify the oil in the water, making easy its complete removal. Finally, special wands are used to clean overhead pipes and hard-to-reach corners.

There is no second opinion that clean premises attract more customers, create positive first impressions, help enhance profits and prolong the life of your facilities in the bargain. Engage a reputed commercial cleaning company, and you can derive maximum value from the cleaning exercise spend.


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