Do-it-yourself Cleaning: Boon or Bane?


One of the most important aspects of Facility Management & Maintenance is Cleaning Services. Traditionally, teams of janitors have handled this area of operation.

However, in the last decade or so, commercial establishments like supermarkets, colleges, schools, hospitals, clinics, day-care centers, hotels, restaurants, offices, malls, etc., routinely face situations, where existing equipment or cleaning staff are found inadequate. These establishments feel increasingly the need for specialized cleaning services of professionals such as pressure cleaning.


The perils of DIY cleaning

The upsurge in cleaning requirements has spawned an entire new range of DIY cleaning products. You need to be familiar with various temperature settings, pressure settings, cleaning agents and detergents for using these products effectively during the cleaning process. Inadequate operational skills combined with poor knowledge of these products can expose you to fractures, cuts and burns, not to mention damage to the tool and your home.

For example, post renovation/construction debris and materials can pile up at a site, or there can be stains due to hazardous chemicals; cleaning them requires deft handling. So also, cleaning of different surfaces such as stone, mosaic, tile, brick or concrete requires specialized treatment for each of them. Furthermore, commercial or industrial units have their own high-tech, specialized cleaning needs.

That is why it would be better to outsource the cleaning requirements of your premises to an experienced industrial-grade cleaning solution provider.

Benefits of outsourcing your cleaning requirements

  • State-of-the-art service: The area of cleaning solutions and technology is science in itself. A cleaning solutions company stays abreast of the latest developments in this field, the entire benefit of which will be of great use to the customers. Commercial establishments can leave the hassle of state-of-the-art cleaning to such companies and focus on their core business.
  • Reduction of direct and indirect labor costs: Teams of janitors, who do not have adequate training and cannot handle state-of-the-art equipment, pose a risk to themselves and others.

Their ineffectiveness at work may necessitate frequent investments in tools and special equipment. That means additional costs like training on the new equipment, maintenance, upgradation, etc.

In contrast, an external cleaning company optimizes your maintenance, saving you precious capex that can be ploughed back into your business.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: An outsourced cleaning company deploys just the same group of personnel they have on different projects, making it cost-effective for them. Accordingly, they can scale up or scale down the staff, deploy the right kind of equipment, and undertake cleaning services on a needs basis. In contrast, an in-house cleaning team and cleaning equipment demand full time involvement, irrespective of utilization, which increases costs. Outsourcing is not only a highly scalable model; furthermore, most cleaning companies offer various packages depending on your needs.
  • Sustainable and energy efficient service: Globally, there is increased emphasis on using eco-friendly technologies and processes in order to reduce the carbon footprint. Cleaning as a business is also under the purview of such regulations. Most professional cleaning companies follow sustainable and energy-efficient methods, which makes it easy for their clients to stay compliant with current and future environmental norms.

A well-maintained premise is not just inviting or pleasing to the eye; it also ensures hygiene and safety for employees, visitors, clients and vendors. Traditional or outdated cleaning methods may be ineffective, and even increase the maintenance costs in the longer run.

In contrast, professional cleaning companies offer industrial-grade cleaning solutions; they employ scientifically advanced methods; they are more efficient and cost-effective for every category of commercial establishment.

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