Do not let the beauty of Bricks fade away

Bricks are among the oldest building materials known to man. Over the centuries, the quality of bricks and the technology used to make them have continually evolved. However, the basic nature of the brick – clay and water set in a mold and heated till it becomes hard – remains the same. Today bricks, because of their beauty, durability and versatility, continue to be very popular.

o not let the beauty of Bricks fade away

The downside of brickwork is that because it is porous in nature, it tends to absorb dirt and moisture. The dirt can, over time, change the appearance of the surface and ruin its appearance. The change is usually so gradual that it is barely perceptible. Often the extent of the change can only be appreciated after a thorough cleaning has been done to return the brickwork to its original glory. The moisture that the brick absorbs can lead to staining and the growth of mold, moss and other organic growth. These are not only unsightly; they can become a health hazard and are among the leading causes of respiratory infections.

Think back to how your home looked a few years ago. Picture the beautiful brick stairway, wall, patio, walkway and other parts of the house. What they were and what they are today, in terms of appearance, may be huge. Or it could be that unseen mold and fungus may put your family at risk. You need to do something about it.

Rejuvenate Brickwork with pressure cleaning

Pressure washing is arguably the best way to clean brickwork and restore its appearance and classy look. Some homeowners rent pressure washing equipment and make it a DIY project. That’s fine as far as it goes. But a home is not a shirt that is put in a washing machine after very use. It is an integral and irreplaceable part of your family’s life and future and needs to be treated with care and respect. YOU do not wash it every day. That means that if it is a structure that has external or internal brickwork, professional cleaning by experts in power washing brick surfaces is the best thing to do to clean and protect it.

The basics of power washing bricks appear to be simple enough:

  • The first step is to thoroughly wet the surface to be clean. If the brick is not properly soaked, the effectiveness of the cleaning agent will be reduced.
  • If it is determined that a cleaning agent will produce the best results, it is important to use one is designed to clean brick without damaging the surface.  There is a technique to applying it and a specific time that it needs to be allowed to work itself into the brick.
  • If brushing is required to remove tough stains, it must be done in a manner that prevents any damage to the brick.  Too stiff a brush may score and damage the surface and too soft will produce limited results.
  • The power wash itself must be carefully calibrated to maximize the cleaning while ensuring that the brick is not damaged.
  • If brick and mortar sealant is to be used after the washing, it must be done expertly to prevent the look of the newly cleaned surface from being affected.

This is a job that needs to be done by professionals.

Call in the Experts

Cleaning brick is obviously not as simple as it looks. DIY efforts can not only result in a disappointing look and unseen health hazards remaining, the brick itself could be damaged. Only professionals in the field of power washing are able to use the right balance of heat and pressure to remove topical stains and penetrate deep enough to clean while not damaging the integrity of the surface. Call in an expert and ensure that the brick surfaces of your home get the care and attention they deserve.

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