Dumpster Area Cleaning and Management

Dumpsters are not objects that we like to spend time thinking about. However, they are an integral part of all clinics, hotels, restaurants, offices and commercial and industrial establishments. They are where everything that is used, abused, unwanted and dirty is deposited. This makes them a source of great attraction for rodents, flies, cockroaches and other vermin that are potential disease carriers.

Uncleaned and unattended, the rotting foul things in dumpsters can spread diseases in the surrounding areas. Regular emptying of dumpsters is not enough. Proper and effective cleaning is essential, and the best way to do it is by pressure cleaning. A good professional cleaning company will ensure that dumpster areas are quite clean to protect health all around. However, the following basics of dumpster cleanliness will help minimize health risks.

Dumpster Basics

  • A dumpster should be kept away from the establishment at a minimum distance of 50 feet (preferably 100 feet).
  • They should always be placed on concrete slabs, never on grass or mud to restrict the entry of vermin as much as possible.
  • The area surrounding the dumpster should be free of plants and trees, which make nice nesting spaces for rodents and bugs.
  • Always keep the dumpster closed and make sure that lids are tight fitting. Some larger vermin can open the loose lids of dumpsters.
  • Ensure that the contents of the dumpster are removed regularly; let it never happen that there is a spillover of the rubbish.
  • Dumpsters can be repulsively smelly, depending on what is in them. The foul odors attract insects too. Rodents and vermin can detect and be drawn to odors that the human nose cannot smell. Regular use of dumpster deodorizers will minimize the obnoxious odors that emanate from them. Many contain nonpathogenic formulas to break down the organic materials and grease, and make them less attractive to pests.
  • Let not outsiders have access to the dumpsters. If it’s only your trash, you know what it is, however unpleasant the contents may be. If outsiders have access to them, all kinds of dangerous materials may be dumped there.
  • Cleaning dumpster areas thoroughly can be unpleasant and challenging. It is difficult for the nonprofessional to do it properly. Only a professional pressure cleaning service will be able to carry out a complete cleaning.
  • Ask your pressure washing company about what else you can do, keeping in mind local conditions, to minimize dumpster-related health and environmental risks.

Pressure cleaning solution

Proper pressure cleaning of dumpster areas requires expertise. Using the right equipment with the right pressure, and special cleaning agents needed along with the right technique is critical to proper cleaning. DIY efforts rarely, if ever, can produce the right results.

It is best to call a reputed pressure washing company with long experience to take care of exterior surfaces, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and dumpsters. It will make the main structure not only more inviting, but also user-friendly to protect the health and hygiene all around.

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