Enhancing Curb Value with Pressure Cleaning and Window Cleaning (Part-1)

‘Curb value’ is a term bandied about by realtors frequently. Most people take this to mean how attractive a house looks from the outside. Actually, it means more than the exterior appearance.

The phrase refers further to how the initial impression created by a home affects a potential buyer; the first look as it is when pulling up at the curb decidedly impacts the perception of the desirability of the property.

The more positive the first impression, the more desirable the house is, and the more willing a buyer would be to pay a good price for it. Pressure cleaning a house is one of the best ways to increase its curb value.

The difference pressure cleaning and window cleaning makes

Realtors say that placing a house on the market after pressure cleaning along with window cleaning can add up to 5% or even sometimes more to its selling price. In some cases, it can be even more. For example, a well-designed house located in a good neighborhood mayhave well-maintained interiors. However, over the years the gradual layering of dirt on the eaves, gutters, sidings, sidewalks, driveways and windows may have gone unnoticed because it is such a slow process. The accumulated dirt however, will have a huge negative impact on any potential buyer.

In such cases, pressure cleaning and window cleaning will ward off such an impact and increase the selling price up to 5, even 10%. That means adding $50,000 to $100,000 to the selling price of a home of value $1,000,000; that ’s not a small amount. Here are the parts of the house where pressure cleaning can make a huge positive impact on the curb value. It would be best to leave the challenging job to a professional pressure cleaning company.

The Eaves and Gutters

These areas often go unnoticed. It is common for cobwebs, and general dirt to accumulate in these areas giving the property an old run-down look. By detailing these areas with dry cleaning then pressure washing it often provides a fresh clean prospective to potential buyers.

Cleaning gutter faces can be tricky in that each gutter is different. Typically the most effective solution is using a combination of adjusted water pressure and heat to accomplish the appropriate level of clean without compromising the surface. Occasionally, a combination of this technique along with a soft brush with cleaning solution will be the most effective.

Eaves often get neglected by homeowners, but do not go unnoticed by potential buyers. This area commonly represents the level of care provided for a home. Dirty, neglected eaves, often times riddled with cobwebs, does not create a positive impression. Completing a dry cleaning of this area, along with soft wash pressure washing, can spruce things up in no time.


A premium property may look old and worn, if it has a grayish faded wooden fence with layers of dirt accumulated over the years. A good pressure washing will rejuvenate it and the clean fence will enhance the appeal of the house. Long and slow strokes of the pressure washer that follow the grain off the wood will bring the best results.

Part 2 of this post will cover other areas of a property that require pressure cleaning to enhance its curb value.

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