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Location and aesthetics are of equal importance in retail business, as it is in real estate market. If a retail store does not appear clean, refreshing, and inviting, customers may not visit it again.

With the mushrooming of retail outlets everywhere, customers are pampered with several choices, and they can be quite judgmental of the appearance of a store. It becomes imperative, therefore, for managers of retail outlets to create the right impression of the business premises, which guides footfalls and repeat customer visits to the outlet.

Why is this an issue? With the passage of time, dust, gum, grease, oil and other substrates cling to doors and entryways, and mar the appearance of an outlet. Fingerprints and smudges can accumulate on doorway glasses, spoiling their appearance and trapping germs that can compromise customer health.

The business image of a retail store is bound to suffer greatly, if these harmful pollutants form hard coating with time, or cause ugly stains; they must all be removed regularly and meticulously using modern cleaning and pressure washing processes.

Statistics on customer perceptions about cleanliness

Most customers do care about the appearance of doors, front windows and entryways. Retailers have been told by consumers and industry analysts that the appearance of the outlet does matter; various studies conducted provide plenty of statistics to drive home this point.

  • Rick Segel, retail and marketing expert and author of Retail Business Kit for Dummies, says, “shopping is like buying a house, and if a store doesn’t have curb appeal, a potential customer isn’t going to go in.”
  • According to a survey conducted in 2011 by Morpace, a market research and consulting firm, as many as 67% of potential customers decided not to visit an outlet just by looking at it from a distance.

About 95% of the people surveyed said that the external appearance of stores was a decisive factor in their shopping visits. As much as 52% said they would avoid stores that appeared dirty from the outside.

The survey also revealed that customers remembered the appearance of the stores they had visited, and constantly compared or graded their experiences. As many as 39% said, if a new store didn’t match up to the appearance of their preferred ones, they wouldn’t even enter its premises.

  • About 32% of prospective customers who shopped at pharma outlets and drug stores said that they would not return to a store if it was dirty, according to another 2011 digest of a survey of National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA).
  • Bob Gibbs, an urban planner who designs malls and shopping districts around the US, observes that it takes eight seconds to walk by a retail storefront. The chances of a prospective customer’s turning back and then coming in are very slim, two seconds after crossing the door. This means that a retail storefront has just four seconds to lure in an approaching customer.

Areas of a business setup that require cleaning

The external appearance of a commercial setup is as much important as the internal. While the external appearance creates curb appeal and invites customers, a good internal appearance converts one-time customers into repeat patrons.

Crucial areas of a commercial setup that require frequent cleaning are sidewalks, outside dining patios, washrooms, entrances, dumpster enclosures, windows, exterior walls and parking structures.

Commercial cleaning companies are a better choice

Janitorial services are not always effective or scalable when the setup is large, or located in a place that is vulnerable to dirt, dust and grime. Commercial cleaning companies use industrial grade equipment and supplies which help them customize the solution based on the unique needs of your property.

Companies such as The Cleaning Partners are reputed for their deep industry knowledge, state-of-art cleaning technology and equipment, excellent customer relationship, and rich project experience: these are precisely the drivers of footfalls to your business premises, ensuring growth of conversion rates.

In a highly competitive marketplace where profit margins are increasingly under threat, taking the assistance of such a company is the best thing that you can do for enhancing your business image.

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