Environmental Benefits of Pressure Washing

Homeowners are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment around their homes and how healthy and safe it is. With the overload of information available on this subject, it is natural that a great deal of confusion should arise as to what is safe and what is not. In many cases there are sharply divergent views on many issues, leaving homeowners wondering if the things they are doing are damaging their homes and the environment, or protecting them. One area where this confusion arises is that of pressure cleaning. No one doubts that pressure cleaning is a critical part of maintaining a house and keeping the exterior looking good. An examination of the way professional pressure cleaning is done will show that it is environmentally friendly.

Reduced Use of Toxic Chemicals

The combination of high pressure and temperature-controlled water reduces the need for the use of cleaning agents. Cold water on its own, under high pressure, is often enough to remove paint, mildew etc. Hot water warms up the grime and by doing soloosens it so the pressure can then take it off. At times cleaning agents may have to be used to ensure a complete cleaning. In such cases, a professional pressure cleaning companywill use the safest agents possible, in the right amounts and ensure that the post pressure cleaning clean-up removes any traces that may be left behind. The environment remains safe and protected.

Reduced Use of Water

There is a common misconception that pressure cleaning requires the use of huge amounts of water. The fact is that it is the force and temperature of the water that creates the cleaning action, not the quantity of it. In a typical case of manual washing, a bucket of soapy water and a rag or sponge are used to scrub dirt away. This is not effective so a great deal of time is required. Once the cleaning has been done, the unused water in the bucket is poured into the drain. The same amount of water, used for pressure cleaning, could often clean a larger area in less time and there will be no unused water to throw away.

Efficient Use of Electricity

The idea that pressure washing uses a massive amount of electricity is a myth. The power consumption, depending on the size of the unit being used, is usually between that of running an air conditioner and a ceiling fan for the comparable period of time.

Controls theRelease of Toxins intothe Air

When a dirty wall or roof is scrubbed by hand, the mildew, mold and toxins that have accumulated there are pushed away and much of this floats up into the air, adding to the air pollution around the home. In the case of pressure cleaning, much of the toxic material released is contained in the water. This water can then be discarded in an environmentally safe manner, keeping the air around the home clean.

Professional Pressure Cleaning Is the Safest

DIY pressure cleaning can never be as effective as a professional job. Additionally, the use of water, electricity and cleaning agents is often higher than actually required. Experts know how tomaximize results without any wastage. The best way to keep the exterior of your home clean and protected is to have it cleaned by a professional pressure cleaning company.

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