Health Hazards of Dirty Exteriors

No one wants to live in a dirty home. That is why so much time is spent indoors on dusting, washing, waxing and so on. It’s not just a matter of pride; a clean environment increases the comfort of those living in the house; moreover, it makes a significant contribution to protecting their health.

Unfortunately, many homeowners give little care or time to clean the exteriors, which they normally tend to ignore. As long as the walls appear to be clean and stains that do exist are not too visible, they presume everything is fine. The truth, however, is quite the reverse: the outside of a house may look clean, but health hazards could lurk in every stain, smudge and slippery greenish/brownish/dark surface; they could lead to damage to property and cause avoidable illnesses of residents.

Unseen risks

  • Algae, lichens and moss can invade sidings and any cracks on the exterior surfaces of a house.
  • This often results in the formation of mold, which may take the form of dark stains on the surface or may develop in the siding unseen.
  • Stains on the exterior of a home not only reduce its curb appeal and market value, but also pose potential health hazards.
  • Moss, algae and the like can all absorb water, which creates ideal conditions for the growth of germs and bacteria.
  • They attract as well insects and rodents that feed off them.
  • All these undesirable things are health risks that could cause rather expensive illnesses.
  • In addition, there is an economic cost: rooftop dirt can absorb and retain the sun’s heat, increase temperature indoors and consequently hike air conditioning bills.

Pressure cleaning the best solution

Regular washing of sidings with water and detergent is the first step in keeping the exterior of your home clean. However, chemicals in detergents or other cleaning agents that may be used could damage the sidings. Care must be taken to use only the appropriate cleaning materials.

While this effort may remove considerably visible dirt and stains, those in cracks, holes, crevices and gaps will largely remain unseen and untouched. When left unattended for long, they could become a serious health hazard. Over time, permanent structural damage may be in store.

Pressure washing your home exteriors is the best solution to tackle all kinds of dirt and guard your family from any dust-induced health hazard. Pressure cleaning is a very specialized job: it requires a clear understanding of the types of environmental hazards that exist in a specific area, the nature of the exterior surfaces and the materials to be cleaned, the appropriate level of pressure to be applied and the right cleaning agents to be used.

This is certainly not a Do-It-Yourself job. You would do well to engage a professional pressure cleaning company with considerable experience and expertise for the best results. You can rest assured that they will ward off any kind of damage to your valuable property and protect your family from health hazards.


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