How Pressure Washing can be of Use to Your Restaurant

Pressure washing dining patio of restaruantA restaurant is an operation-intensive business, with modest margins that is dependent on various parameters. Factors such as quality and variety of food, pricing, ambience, trained staff, location and other operational expenditures are a constant drain on the profits. An often overlooked factor that can affect a restaurant’s image is its cleanliness record.

Health risks at a restaurant

According to the statistics of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 48 million Americans usually suffer food poisoning every year; of them 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die.

A study conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) reports an average of 1600 outbreaks of food poisoning that are attributed to restaurant meals every year. The presence of catering services everywhere, combined with enormous human traffic makes restaurants a breeding ground for hundreds of strains of pathogens.

Keeping your restaurant clean and safe both inside and out requires sound commitment to its cleanliness and upkeep, and the involvement of specialist professionals such as commercial cleaning companies.

How cleaning companies can help

Commercial cleaning companies have the up-to-date knowhow on tackling the following crucial surfaces in a restaurant that are prone to germs and stains; they have the right tools and techniques to offer the best cleaning solutions.

Sidewalks, walkways and drive-through: These are vulnerable to general dirt, gum, spills, as well as moss and mildew. Pressure washing and the right set of biodegradable cleaning agents must be used to give a clean and refreshing finish in order to maintain the professional image.

Signboards and signage: These are an important location ID of a restaurant, and they are rarely cleaned, especially when they are several feet high. They are vulnerable to cobwebs, dust and dirt. Telescopic wands as well as special nozzles used while pressure washing are effective in keeping them sparkling clean.

Entrance areas: These areas are prone to dust, dirt, gum stains, mold, mildew and general traffic stains. The right degreasing methods and pressure washing can be used to remove long-term build-up of dirt and stains in these areas.

Exterior walls: Depending on location, exterior walls can get dirty. Routine soft wash methods provide the most effective results to ensure clean surfaces of the structure. This is a much less expensive alternative to painting often restoring surfaces as they look new again.

External seating: Mildew, organic growth, dust and dirt are removed from external seating by using gentle pressure washing methods and cleaning agents.

Dumpster storage area: Dirty dumpster pads often attract unwanted rodents and pests which can bring with them certain diseases. They pose, therefore, a huge health risk to patrons. Pressure washing with hot water and the right cleaning agents is the best solution and is recommended to be completed on a regular basis.

Dining patios and outside eating areas (floors): These are a critical area to maintain which often accumulate stains from food and or beverage spills.  These can attract ants, flies, etc. making routine steam cleaning / pressure washing an important piece to eliminating unwanted pests and odors.

Patrons who frequent restaurants do not fail to notice its cleanliness levels. They are the drivers of your business traffic; they are again the people who review on the social media the standards of the cleanliness, products and services of your restaurant.

If dissatisfied, they have the ability to hurt the reputation of a business. Steer clear of negative reviews earning their goodwill and generous patronage with a clean, safe and healthy dining experience.

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