Improve Curb Value with Pressure Cleaning: Part 2

Sidewalks and Driveways

Sidewalks and driveways are, literally, high traffic areas. From oil and grease to things that stick to the soles of your shoes, these areas really collect dirt, some of which is very hard to remove. Pressure washing is the only way to get rid of such stubborn grime and stains. Often special cleaning agents and very high pressure are required to get the right results. Only a professional will know what to use and how much of it so that cleaning does not cause damage.


Pressure washing is the best way to clean your siding. Besides rain and pollution, every puff of wind blows dirt onto it. The build-up of grime can be slow, and it is easy to overlook how dirty the siding has become and how it is affecting the value of your home. Often the change in the look of the house after pressure washing can be startling.  However, siding is made of different materials, vinyl and aluminum being the most common. Both require different amounts of pressure to be used to maximize the cleaning while avoiding damage. The same applies to cleaning agents that may have to be used – aluminum and vinyl both require the use of different cleaning agents.

The Foundation

If the foundation of a house is visible, it is where a lot of grime collects. From grass stains when the lawn is mowed, to fertilizer from the flower beds, all kinds of stains can develop. The danger with pressure cleaning the foundation is that because it is so very strong and hard, it is tempting to use the maximum pressure on it. While this may not damage the foundation, any very high pressure touching the sidings or windows could damage them. Cleaning the foundation therefore requires a very balanced use of pressure and cleaning agents.


Pressure cleaning windows seems like a ridiculous idea. The glass will shatter and the high pressure water will flood into the house causing major damage. That is true enough, but often the only way to clean windows on higher floors is by pressure cleaning from the ground.  This is a job only for professional pressure cleaners. They know glass and windows and how much pressure can be used safely to produce clean and undamaged windows.

Get It Done Regularly

Your home is your biggest investment and you need to protect it. Cleaning the inside and landscaping the lawns is great, but what about the exterior surfaces? If they are grimy and stained, the negative impact will affect the look of the landscaping and the clean well-decorated interior. While pressure washing can add to the market value of a house, what is often overlooked is the value it adds to the quality of life of the family that lives in it. Even if you are not selling your house, the satisfaction and pride that comes with living in a home that looks great inside and out, is something your family will enjoy and appreciate.


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