Keeping your Auto Dealership Clean and Classy

Automobile Dealerships are an important component of the auto industry in the US. According to National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA), 16,680 dealerships and their franchisees sold 8.64 million LDVs (light duty vehicles) in the first half of 2016.

Sales of new vehicles hit a whopping $490 million despite recessionary caution. These dealerships employ as many as 1.1 million people, paying $30 million in wages; an average outlet employs 69 people. (Source:

Common issues in auto dealerships

Auto dealerships are not without their own share of business challenges. For one, demand is volatile in a country that has seen the longest recession ever. This has also hiked interest rates, which affect sales and inventory costs.

Auto dealerships, dependent on car manufacturers, are vulnerable to trade disputes, and suffer from periodic labor shortage. As a result, there is intense competition among car dealers. Dealerships must outdo each other in creating positive first impressions on walk-ins, so that the deal is closed as quickly as possible.

Interestingly, prospective customers are known to make decisions based on how professional the sales folks are and how clean or classy the showroom is. Soiled or oil-stained carpets, dirty toilet bowls, etc., can all damage seriously business image.

Traditional janitorial services do not meet the demands of the times, and what auto dealerships need today is a thorough, state-of-the-art cleaning job done by reputed commercial cleaning companies.

Cleaning auto dealerships

Car showrooms may strike prospective customers as one fully integrated unit; but in reality, there are various enclosures in a showroom like the following, and each has its own cleaning needs.

  • Customer/Sales Lobby
  • Service Bay
  • Parking Lot
  • Spare Parts Centre/Warehouse
  • Support Departments such as Finance and Administration

Services offered by commercial cleaning companies

The following are crucial cleaning solutions offered by commercial cleaning companies:

  • General cleaning of the above mentioned enclosures
  • Keeping showroom floors clean
  • Cleaning for making display windows sparkle
  • Pressure washing of service bays and shop floors
  • Pressure washing of parking lots
  • Frequent clean-up during a sales event

Attributes of a top commercial cleaning company

  • Several years of experience and superior training program for technicians
  • A close understanding of customer-specific needs and cleaning challenges  to plan the required frequency, appropriate methods and times of cleaning
  • Use of high-tech tools that are more effective and energy-efficient
  • Use of more eco-friendly cleaning reagents to ensure safety of employees and the environment
  • Use of color-coded mops, brushes and microfiber cloths to prevent contamination and spreading from one area to another

A clean and classy auto dealership not only drives sales but also keeps at a high-level employee motivation, satisfaction and professional commitment. Commercial cleaning companies with a reputation have the right experience, technicians, equipment and methods to transform your showroom into an irresistible draw for everyone.

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