Office Cleaning

A Clean Office Is An investment That Pays For Itself

The image of a business is an important factor in its growth and success. That determines how customers and other stakeholders view the organization and their level of interest in being part of it. One of the reasons why the old saying about first impressions being important is so overused is because it is true. The first impression that a customer has of a business is the first sight of it. That does not mean seeing a swanky office, well-dressed people and the latest gadgets on entering it. The first impression is created on the first look at the business – the exterior of the building it is in. The structure can be a staid old one of brick and mortar or a new one made of steel and glass. It is the cleanliness and the way it looks that tells a visitor what can be expected inside.

An office building can be well maintained but still look shabby on the outside. One reason why this often happens is that those who work in the office see the exterior every day and no one notices the slow accumulation of grime and stains, which a person viewing the building for this first time will see. That is why pressure cleaning is so important. We offer a full range of pressure washing, steam cleaning, window washing and sweeping services to ensure that a building looks its best. Besides building exteriors we also offer pressure washing for sidewalks, parking lots, concrete surfaces, roofs, loading docks, dumpster pads and other areas related to the building which visitors may see and where dirt and stains will be noticed.

More Reasons For Pressure Cleaning

There is often mildew on the exteriors of a building. These invisible health hazards have the potential to affect the health of occupants of even the cleanest office interiors. These toxic elements can be carried into the office through open windows or sucked in by the HVAC system. This could lead to a number of respiratory and other health issues which could increase the number of sick days the staff needs and in this way, affect productivity and profitability. Power washing the exterior surfaces and the area around the HVAC system can significantly reduce the possibilities of mold-related sickness affecting the staff.

The dirt and pollutants in the air collect on the outside of a building, often in places that are difficult to see. Over time these can cause erosion to occur. This will lead to damage of the external facades which will eventually require expensive repairs. Pressure cleaning is a part of the preventive maintenance that all buildings require.

The Cleaning Partners Advantage

We have industrial grade cleaning equipment that ensures the maximum pressure cleaning of all kinds of surfaces. Our staff are all highly skilled and trained in the correct utilization of the equipment and cleaning material we use. We deal with all types of surfaces and know the specific cleaning needs of different facades. That means our clients are assured of an economic and worry-free cleaning experience that will protect their image, their office and their staff.

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