Power Washing for Your Concrete Surfaces

The Cleaning PartnersConcrete is one of the most durable and aesthetic construction materials used in modern times. Concrete can be used for both interiors and exteriors to give character to your home, office, retail or industrial structure. Today, concrete is available in colors, patterns and textures which are created using dyes, stampings or moulds. Concrete can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of driveways, entryways, architectural accents, exterior siding, walkways, and landscaping.

Qualities of concrete surfaces


• Concrete is very cost-effective for large surfaces that undergo a lot of wear and tear.
• Ingredients for concrete are easily available all over the world which keeps the prices stable.
• Concrete requires less maintenance compared to other materials, and it has longer life.
• Concrete does not rot, bend, deform, corrode or peel off like other materials.
• Concrete can be molded quickly into any desired shape making customization easy.
• Moulds, stampings, and casts can be created at the work-site making it cost-effective.
• Concrete is non-combustible and can be used safely for both interiors and exteriors.
• Concrete can withstand large variations in temperature, and can be used for any climate.
• Also, concrete is less affected by wind, snow, hail, water, insects and rodents.


• Concrete is not very flexible: its tensility stress and ductility quotient are lower compared to those of some other materials.
• Its strength-to-weight ratio is low: thin layers or sections of concrete are not very strong and can crack easily.

The need for cleaning concrete surfaces

Concrete needs frequent cleaning to remove the following:

• Dust and dirt from human traffic
• Slush and soil from vehicle tires
• Stains from chemicals and chemical residues
• Grease and grime from vehicle exhaust, and exhaust from buildings
• Mold, mildew and fungus, especially in humid environs
• Insect nests and larvae, especially in lush green environs
• Insect, bird and animal droppings
• Graffiti using ink or paint
• Chewing gum residue

Pressure washing as a popular technique

Till two decades back, concrete surfaces were scrubbed using mild or rough scrubbers. Hard residues were chipped away using small chisels and hammers. This was a time-consuming task which added its own share of damage to the concrete surfaces.

‘Pressure Washing’ or ‘Power Washing’ has emerged as a better alternative in recent years. Hot or cold water, with high or moderate pressure and chemical reagents, is used to rid concrete surfaces of rigid dirt. It’s ideal for commercial establishments such as offices, showrooms, malls and warehouses, as well as public infrastructure facilities like bus shelters, train stations, airports etc.

With evolution of the machinery used, power washing has become a popular option to clean any kind of surface by varying the temperature, pressure and reagents used. Today, it’s used to clean metal, wooden, synthetic, stone and mixed-material surfaces.

How we do it

However, Pressure Washing is an art and science, and best when left to experts. Not following the required precautions, or not handling the equipment correctly can cause damage to your concrete surfaces. You will do well to engage for the job a specialist company like The Cleaning Partners who have the requisite skills and experience.

• We invest in the right equipment for best results.
• Our R&D department keeps advising us on state-of-the-art pressure-washing techniques.
• All our technicians undergo extensive and rigorous training before being deployed on customer sites.
• We prepare the surface carefully before pressure washing to achieve the best results.
• Our field staffs use protective gear to shield themselves from injuries and pollution.
• We use barricades to protect residents and visitors.

To conclude, Pressure Washing is a great technique to maintain your concrete surfaces in excellent condition. Invest in the right service provider, and you will be assured of full value for the money spent.

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