Pressure Cleaning for Different Surfaces

Cleaning companies use different pressure cleaning techniques for quicker and effective cleaning. This is especially required if the surface to be cleaned is hard to reach, or the dirt is stubborn and requires intense effort. Pressure cleaning gives cleaning companies scalability, efficiency and effectiveness in their work. Common pressure washers spray jets of water or air which can help remove both – loose dirt like mud and mold, as well as sticky material like paint and grime from any surface. These could be the exterior of buildings, walkways, equipment as well as many other areas.

A basic pressure washer consists of a motor that is powered by any of these methods: electricity, internal combustion, pneumatic, or hydraulic all of which can run a high-pressure water pump. The pump is attached to a high-pressure hose, and a trigger switch which is similar to the one used in guns. Using what is called an unloader valve, the pressure that is achieved can be varied. Modern day washers even allow cleaners to mix a cleaning agent with the water spray in an automated manner. The cleaning agent can be stored and mixed with the water either before it enters the pump or after it leaves the pump. The water jet that is used for cleaning can also be hot water which is good for removing grime, oil, soot, grease etc.

Considering the high pressures involved, pressure washers are not suitable to be used by people at home without any training or safety precautions. The high pressure jets are known to strip flesh from bone when aimed from close distances, or break up tarmac and loose concrete. The jet of water arrives at high velocities and also throws up particles at high velocities. Further, petrol fueled pressure washers are a fire hazard, if used indoors. That is why, pressure washing is not suitable for do-it-yourself enthusiasts at home, and is best handled by cleaning companies. They have the necessary training, know-how and techniques for efficient and effective cleaning.

The Cleaning Partners is the leader in Pressure Washing. We are skilled in using heat, power and pressure to clean tough dirt or hard-to-reach surfaces. The Cleaning Partners is also committed to the use of green options for cleaning agents and processes. We have the ability and systems to reclaim and recycle water to maintain compliance with state and local regulations.

When it comes to the surfaces or materials that are cleaned using pressure washing, our trained technicians are experts in cleaning varieties of dirty surfaces. Be it any kind of siding, concrete, wood, stucco, etc..  If it needs to be cleaned we know how to clean it. Our pressure washing services are comprehensive and we cover a variety of properties and surfaces to be cleaned as shown below:


  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning (inside and out)
  • Stadium Cleaning
  • Construction and Post Construction Cleanup (inside and out)
  • Paint and Parking Lot Striping Removal
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Entrance Cleaning


Parking Garages

  • Auto bays
  • Dumpster areas & loading docks
  • Trash Chutes

The Cleaning Partners is a technologically savvy cleaning services provider. We use the latest technology, equipment, machinery and techniques in order to provide superior cleaning.

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