Pressure Washing: Best Option for Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti Cleaning

Occurrence of graffiti in public places is generally dismissed as a minor issue, and not taken too seriously. Yet, it is indeed a bothersome public nuisance involving a high cost of cleaning at the expense of the taxpayer. According to the Centre for Problem-Oriented Policing, an estimated $12 billion a year is spent by the United States to clean up graffiti.

Social impact of graffiti

Cleanup costs are just one aspect of the problem of graffiti. Those that are more serious are opportunity losses to the Government, the public at large, and to owners of property. For example, graffiti can impact adversely the use of public transport systems and create losses for the government which is then made up by hiking the fares for frequent users.

In retail outlets like groceries, supermarkets and shopping malls, it affects consumer perceptions and reduces sales. Owners of private property must sell them at lower prices, as graffiti creates a wrong perception of crime and gang-wars in the neighborhood.

Wrong ways of handling graffiti

To date, owners of commercial property such as office buildings, malls, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, motels and such others affected by graffiti have been using one or more of the following methods to remove or mask the undesirable effects of graffiti.

Painting over the graffiti

This is the most common and obvious solution to most people. However, it can prove to be a costly proposition, not to mention create unsightly changes to the look and feel of the surface being repainted, thus overall structure.

Chemically cleaning the graffiti

Stores that sell household chemicals stock various kinds of chemicals that can remove graffiti. However, these chemicals can still leave a shadow of the graffiti on some surfaces such as porous and uneven ones.

Removing a part of the affected surface

Sandblasting, done with hot water jets, lasers and sodas, can remove layers or portions of affected surfaces. This method too can be expensive, not to mention damage done to partly removed surfaces.

Replacing vandalized materials

Signposts and other vandalized materials are simply replaced, when no other solution given above is effective.

Pressure washing: the best solution

In contrast, pressure washing offered by commercial cleaning companies, is the most effective method to clean graffiti and its effects, irrespective of the surface or material that needs attention. By using the right combination of pressure, temperature and solvents, pressure washing can remove paint, pencil marks, ink, soot or any other material used to create graffiti.

Graffiti cleaning solutions provided by these companies cover a wide range of building exteriors, interiors, installed equipment, vehicles, furniture, lifts, windows, common areas like parking lots, restrooms, etc.

Utmost care is taken to ensure that there is no damage to or residual effect of cleaning on your property. Equipped with specialized cleaning tools, their well-trained staff completes the job on time, and within the estimate provided.

Every kind of enterprise that has a large number of customers/visitors frequenting its premises is vulnerable to the nuisance of graffiti. It would be best to engage a reputed commercial cleaning company to tackle graffiti in the short or long run.

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