Pressure Washing for Shopping Centers


Malls, shopping complexes and shopping plazas are some of the most frequented public destinations, even ahead of parks or cinemas. Families combine shopping with an evening of fun and pleasure trip, turning shopping plazas into great three-in-one destination locations for spending time.

The splendor, fun and charm of a shopping plaza visit go with potential problems too. The other side of the coin is a host of public health and hygiene threats from the results of dirty surfaces from this high traffic.  The accumulation of filth from spills, garbage, foot traffic and general stains often attracts flies, gnats and other bugs while also emitting strong, unpleasing odors.  The inevitable eateries there can make shopping plazas a safe haven for hundreds of strains of pathogens.

Keeping a shopping plaza spic and span and pathogen-free requires the committed involvement of specialist commercial cleaning companies.

Why pressure washing?

Building surfaces in general and exteriors in particular always pose a challenge to cleaning projects; it is so due to the large number and variety of surfaces to be maintained. Experience, expertise and proper equipment are essential to get the best cleaning results.

Pressure washing helps enhance the overall value of the property and increase its lifespan and professional image. It’s versatile, and can be used for all the major property types: Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Government.

How cleaning companies can help

Commercial pressure cleaning companies have the expertise and experience of cleaning the various surfaces in the following parts of a shopping plaza. They have the right equipment and techniques to clean these pathogen-prone areas.

1. Parking: Parking lots are vulnerable to grease and grime from vehicle exhaust, in addition to the usual dirt, soil, and debris brought into the parking area by high traffic.  These lots require frequent sweeping and often pressure washing to properly maintain.
2. Sidewalks, walkways and drive-throughs: These are all vulnerable to spills, gum stains, traffic, and stains in general from public use.  Pressure washing with steam and often the right combination of biodegradable cleaning agents must be used to maintain a fresh, clean, safe and inviting environment.
3. Sign-boards and signage: These are important features of a shopping plaza; but they are rarely cleaned, especially when they are several feet high. These are vulnerable to general dirt, dust and pollution. Special equipment used while pressure washing are effective in keeping them sparkling clean.
4. Entrance areas: These are prone to gums stains, dust, rust, mildew, algae, drainage stains and grease. The right cleaning methods and pressure washing can be used to effectively clean and maintain these surfaces.
5. Rooftops: These are prone to dirt, rust, and grease from the kitchen chimneys, and can be visible to patrons over time. Timely and regular cleaning of roofs using the right cleaning agents and pressure washing with correct water temperature will prevent potential issues in the future.
6. Exterior walls: Depending on the climatic conditions and nature of the vicinity, exterior walls can get dirty soon. Soft pressure washing using warm-hot water, done regularly, can keep them clean, and prevent the expensive affair of frequent repainting.
7. External Seating: Mold, mildew and dust are removed using gentle but effective cleaning agents.
8. Dumpster Storage Area: Dirty dumpster pads attract scavenging animals, pests and a whole lot of diseases, making them a huge health risk for visitors. Hot water pressure washing and steam cleaning using biodegradable cleaning agents is the best solution and is recommended to be done on a routine basis.
9. Floors: Compared to other areas, floors require less expensive maintenance as they can be washed at low pressures using appropriate water temperatures and mild cleaning agents depending on the floor material.

Why Partner with the Cleaning Partners

• Superior processes, systems and resources that cover all of your exterior cleaning needs
• Pressure washing equipment  programmed with various levels of heat, pressure and cleaning agents to provide  high quality cleaning
• Eco-friendly; ability to reclaim, recycle and reuse the run-off water of the cleaning process.
• Easily portable high quality equipment with various controls and settings needed for customizing cleaning for each project.  The first impression of patrons who frequent shopping plazas depends on its cleanliness levels to a large extent. With the internet now a major source of visibility a negative review can be hurtful to the image of a location.

Property Managers and facility managers are becoming more aware of this potential impact, and make every effort to ensure clean, safe and hygienic exteriors and interiors of the plazas, with the assistance of professionals like the Cleaning Partners.

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