Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a common practice in commercial and retail establishments, factories, warehouses and homes. While the concept of pressure washing is widely known, many people are not aware of how pressure washing actually works and why the best results can only be obtained by the use of specialized equipment coupled with advanced skills and technical abilities.

How Pressure Washers Work

Water is the basic element of most cleaning operations. There is a reason for this -the slight electrical polarity of water molecules causes them to stick to what they come into contact with (dirt, stains etc.) and thus dislodge them. Detergents and solvents increase the effectiveness of water by breaking down dirt and grease thus making it easier to flush away. However, there are many types of dirt and stains that do not come off this way. That is where pressure washing is the solution. Water from special pressure washing equipment hits the grime at high velocity. The impact releases kinetic energy which acts like minute hammer hits to knock away the dirt and stains and wash them away. Chemicals are often used in pressure washing to increase its effectiveness.

Why The Cleaning Partners?

Our clients depend on us to give them the best pressure washing experience. The industrial grade equipment we use allows for pressure and temperature modifications so we can use soft wash methods for delicate surfaces and go up to 4,000 PSI and heat water to 210 degrees when needed. Different wands and nozzles that meet the specific project need are used. We minimize the use of cleaning agents and when we do use them, we use highly effective biodegradable materials which are able to penetrate deep stains. We use special mild cleaning agents for windows. The equipment we use enables us to clean glass surfaces at heights of up to 2 stories. Being environmentally friendly is important to us, which is why we are able to vacuum and reclaim water, run it through an advanced filtration system and then reuse it for either cleaning our onboard water tanks or to water landscapes.

We apply our experience and specialized knowledge to maximize the cleaning we do, while at the same time protecting the surfaces we work on from damage. Every client is unique, which is why we use tailor-made pressure washing solutions for each of them. We know that properties change with time and so do the cleaning solutions they require. Our focus is on not just meeting but exceeding client expectations so that we are able to develop lasting relationships with them. They know that we will give them the cleanest and most inviting property possible. That is why we chose our name. We look at ourselves as their partners in giving them properties they can be proud of. With many of our clients we have regular scheduled cleaning, the frequency of which varies from monthly to quarterly, depending on the type of property and specific client requirements.

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