Warehouse Cleaning Facts for Your Benefit

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Warehouses are an indispensable component of the retail or manufacturing industry. By inventorying goods a warehouse keeps the company immune from real-time and real-life issues that come up during manufacture or distribution.

Given the volume of human, vehicular and goods traffic, warehouses are prone to collect dirt, dust, bacteria, soot, tire tracks and stains. Accordingly, warehouses need regular cleaning, in order to keep them inviting, safe and hygienic for employees and vendors. Countries like the US have some strict regulations, when it comes to warehouse maintenance. Violations can invite fines and penalties, as well as bad publicity for the company, industry and manufacturer’s affecting brand equity.

Regulations aside, a clean warehouse is important for ensuring better productivity. A clean workplace is one of the basic expectations of an employee, and it reflects the management’s attitude towards its co-workers, vendors, investors, etc.

In addition to the employee angle, keeping a warehouse clean is important for other reasons. In humid environments, or when the air-conditioning equipment does not function efficiently, the accumulated moisture can trigger growth of fungus, which can harm the equipment and employee health. Furthermore, it can cause damage to millions of dollars worth of goods.

These are just a few of the reasons why warehouses should be cleaned thoroughly from time to time. Professional companies like The Cleaning Partners have experience in cleaning warehouses and factories. They can rid the insides and outsides of your property of the accumulated dirt using state-of-art equipments and process to achieve a positive healthy property image.

Listed below is a list of areas/parts/things of a warehouse and the kinds of impurities, pollutants, etc., that need to be cleaned out.


● Columns, Rafters and Girders: soot, oil, stains, dirt, dust, etc.
● Driveways and Walls: graffiti, stains, gum, etc.
● Windows: stains, dirt and dust
● Parking Lots and garages: oil, soot, dirt
● Loading Docks, Bays and Ramps: oil, soot, gum, dust, etc.,


● Heavy Equipment: stains, grease and soot
● Packaging Line: excess grease, stains, rust, dust, threads, etc.
● Cold storage: grease, sludge, soot, oil, dust and peeling-off paint

Interior Surfaces

● Walls: grease, dust, stains, dirt, stains
● Floors: oil, stains, grease and dust
● Ceilings: soot, stains, dust

As is now apparent, warehouses require exhaustive cleaning, which cannot be easily fulfilled by your janitorial staff. A reputable Professional Cleaning Company specializing in warehouse and industrial cleaning will have the requisite experience, expertise and the latest tools and equipment to do the job right.

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