Warehouse Cleaning: How it can Help Boost your Business


Warehouses are integral parts of several businesses. Manufacturing and distribution companies routinely stock raw materials and finished goods before dispatching them for production or sale. Retail companies routinely stock a larger quantity of merchandize in their warehouses compared to what is displayed on their showroom shelves.

In addition to safety and health concerns of employees, their morale, productivity and motivation are important factors. A neat, clean, and healthy-looking warehouse creates a good impression of the promoters, and instills confidence in prospective employees and customers.


Federal regulations for warehouse maintenance

As one would expect, warehouses have their own cleaning and maintenance needs. The insides of a warehouse should be clean, healthy and hygienic to ensure the health and safety of workers.

The US Federal Govt. has instituted several codes of conduct and regulations in this regard. Inspectors of the Govt., armed with penal measures, can make surprise visits to a warehouse to check for any safety and health violations.

Techniques used to clean warehouses

Pressure cleaning uses a combination of hot or cold water, high or moderate pressure, and the optional application the most effective cleaning agents; this is the most common technique used by industrial cleaning companies for quick and cost-effective cleaning.

The advantage of pressure is that remote surfaces that are hard to reach, tough stains, and caked dirt can all be pried away gently without damaging the surface beneath. Pressure cleaning is extremely popular, as it helps companies achieve both scalability and cost-efficiency.

Furthermore, industrial cleaning companies have the experience and the expertise of employing the right kind of pressure, heat, non-toxic cleansers, and water-reclamation processes in order to deliver a comprehensive pressure-washing service. Such companies keep re-evaluating and updating constantly their processes and technology to provide excellent services to customers.

Areas of a warehouse that require cleaning

Warehouses are inherently prone to dust and dirt; they suffer micro-organisms such as bacteria and virus. Cleaning companies undertake all of the following typical services:

  • Exterior walls: Degreasing, dusting, pressure washing and removal of food and drink stains
  • External floors: Floors being the most used and abused part of a warehouse, need necessarily cleaning of spillages, degreasing, stains removal, power washing and power scrubbing
  • Pavements: Cleaning the cladding, graffiti removal, pressure washing and stains removal
  • Distribution centers: Shopping cart sterilization
  • Windows: Degreasing and low pressure washing
  • Yard Ramps: High pressure washing and mold and mildew removal
  • Loading dock ramps: Removing chipped off pieces of stone, concrete or mortar, bubble gum removal, sludge and grease removal and pressure washing

Commercial or industrial cleaning companies have extensive experience and high reputation of cleaning and maintaining warehouses on a routine basis. Most of them provide environment-friendly, hassle-free and cost-effective services; they add value to retail or manufacturing companies and help focus on their core functions.

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