Window Washing

The Cost Of Dirty Windows

Windows tend to accumulate dirt slowly so the loss of light from them and the reduction in clarity is imperceptible. However, over time the dirt will not just damage the glass, but also lead to other problems that can escalate costs and affect profitability.

  • Glass is porous which means that dirt does not just stick to it – pigmentation spots can develop that over a period of time can ruin the glass completely.
  • Traditional windows cleaning methods involve rubbing/wiping and other abrasive actions. This can cause scratches and micro cracks to develop which will not only cause what is seen through the glass to become blurred and unclear, the glass itself will become weaker and more prone to breaking.
  • Dirty windows restrict the amount of light and heat that enters. This has two consequences – the amount of electrical lighting used during the day will increase as will the need to use more heating in cold weather. Both of these will lead to an increase in utility bills.
  • A dirty window can often look much worse from the outside. Those on the inside may not notice this but the condition of the windows will be apparent to those viewing the building from the outside. This can create a negative impression about the business in the building.
  • A pleasant environment improves workplace productivity. Dirty windows can make the office atmosphere less pleasant.

The Pressure Washing Solution

The regular office cleaning done by janitorial services cleans the surface grime and dirt that accumulate every day. While this is essential, it will not deal with the ingrained dirt that collects on both the inner and outer surfaces of windows. The right way to get the cleanest windows is by pressure washing. We are a specialized professional pressure washing company with the experience, skills and equipment to provide our commercial, industrial and residential clients the best pressure cleaning available. Window cleaning is one of our specialties.

Pressure washing windows requires precision to get the best results while ensuring that no damage is done. For normal window washing we use gentle cleaning agents that protect the glass while leaving it sparkling clean. If there are hard water spots or chemical/mineral deposits we apply special deep cleaning agents to remove them without compromising the glass. Glass is brittle and when pressure washing is done it is critical to know the amount of pressure to be used. Too little and the cleaning will not be complete. Too much and the glass may be damaged or shatter. We know pressure washing and we know glass. That means we are able to use the right cleaning agents and the right pressure to ensure that the windows we wash are as clean as they can be.

For a factory, commercial or retail space, dirty windows involve a cost. For a residence, dirty windows affect both the appearance of the home as well as the living experience of those who reside in it. Our pressure window cleaning will protect these expensive parts of the building, reduce maintenance and repair costs and make building they are on more pleasant places to be in.

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